We are not the biggest company in the market but we definitely want to do meaningful things. We connect our talent, experience, great ideas and we change the stereotypes. Every day we face challenges but get the victory. Working for DEVINN is not a burden, it is fun!

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Chceš s námi prožívat každodenní radosti i starosti a být součástí našeho příběhu? Podívej se, kdo nám právě schází v týmu.

Zkušební technik kabelových svazků

Místo: Mladá Boleslav
Vhodné pro absolventy

Zkušební technik Car Sound

Místo: Mladá Boleslav
Vhodné pro absolventy

Elektronik pro vývoj světlometů

Místo: Mladá Boleslav

Do you think you could be a good addition to our team but do not match any open positions at the moment? Send us your CV anyway. We keep looking for people. We will be happy to give you a chance to show us your qualities.

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Lubos’s story

“His company is built on good people, great team and mutual trust. He dedicates his free time to family, healthy lifestyle and sport (several finished Ironman races). He collects historical motorcycles.”

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