Terms Of Use Of Website Devinn.cz

This document was created by the designer of the website devinn.cz. It covers terms of use of the website devinn.cz (Website) by a third person (User).

Before using this Website, Users are obliged to get familiar with these Terms of Use. In case User doesn’t agree with the Terms, he/she is advised to leave the website and discontinue from using the Website. It is naturally understood that User agrees with the Terms automatically when using the Website.

Website Content Ownership

The exclusive owner and operator of Devinn.cz Website is Devinn s.r.o. company. Information shared with the company Devinn s.r.o. by its business partners are within the ownership of these two subjects (Devinn s.r.o. and its individual business partners).

Restrictions for Using the Website

Without permission Users are not authorised:

  • To archive, distribute or share information displayed on this Website with any third person.
  • To use the content of the Website for systematic processing, connection with other copyrights, for databases creation or any actions different from viewing the Website for User’s personal purpose.
  • To use the Website for any other activities different from personal use is unauthorized intervention into Devinn.cz rights and at the same time it can possibly be an unauthorized intervention into rights of any third person, who shares and distributes information through this Website.

Users cannot:

  • Interfere into any technical aspect or content on the Website, and use the information shared on the Website outside the relevant law regulations

Responsibility Exclusion

Every User uses the Website on their own risk. Despite the fact that the content Of the Website was taken from the reliable and trustworthy Sources, Devinn.cz is not responsible for:

  • Topicality, completeness, truthfulness, punctuality or accuracy of any information, data and statement shared on the Website, which was taken from the public source or shared by a third person (eg. delay in actual capital investment tool traded on international markets).
  • Any direct or indirect harm caused by temporary or permanent inability to use the content of the Website.
  • Accuracy, content and form of advertisement of a third person on the Website.
  • Duties of any third person, who offers their services through the Website.
  • The content of the websites, to which the Website links lead to devinn.cz doesn’t guarantee flawless and continuous operation of the Website.

Devinn.cz doesn’t guarantee flawless and continuous operation of the Website

Contact for dealing with any problems or errors on the website or interest in non-commercial usage of the content on the Website

In case of technical problems during the usage of the Website or interest in using the content on the Website for non-commercial purposes the User can contact the administrator of the Website through the email: info@devinn.cz

Informative character of the Website

Information displayed on the Website has only informative character. Unless it is obvious from the content of the Website information shared on this Website is not legal, tax or capital advice, investment recommendation or investment opportunities analyses and it cannot be considered to be a contact proposal.

Website content change, term and conditions

Devinn.cz reserves the right to alter, change or delate any part of the Website without any prior notice to the Users. Devinn.cz also reserves the right to change the Terms and conditions for using this Website. Any change of the Terms acts immediately as a new version of Terms and conditions of the Website.