Why we do what we do?

  • We love being a part of automotive technology development
  • We enjoy working on innovations and searching for smart solutions
  • We have a lot of experience in the field and a team full of ideas
  • At the heart of our business is a great team that brings the ideas and visions to life
  • We know that if you support the team in what they know and like it pays dividends
  • Because if you love what you do success comes naturally
Learn about our story


What’s our goal?

We would like to be a part of interesting projects. We want to enjoy working and seeing results in reality. Our goal is not to be biggest in the market but to be known for our great work.

What we have accomplished


Fantastic team real story

DEVINN’s story started in 2013 when Luboš Hajský sold his shares in a TIER1 automotive manufacturing company. He decided to move from being a technology director within this company to expand into innovation and development. In 2014 he established DEVINN with the current HR Manager Vera.

At the beginning it was really difficult to succeed among the vast number of development suppliers within the market. However, they poured their hearts and souls in the company and they built up a team of extraordinary people, who helped with the company success. This is why we can compete with international corporations that have been established for many year.




Patented development solutions


Development projects



Team members’ stories



He completed electronics school and in 2013 he sold his shares in TIER1 automotive manufacturing company, where he worked as a technology director. He decided to go his own way in the innovation and development field. His company is built on good people, great team and mutual trust. He dedicates his free time to family and sport (several finished Ironman races). He collects historical motorcycles.


Head of Sales & HR

Vera comes from Mlada Boleslav. She studied University of Economics in Prague and Universidad del Pacifico. Together with Lubos she founded the company. Her role within the company is the Head of Sales and HR. Her favorite pastime is yoga and jogging. Vera likes latin culture and Levander. At home she takes care of her precious Italian Greyhound. In her free time she travels in an RV.


Recruiter, Project Manager

Jana comes from Mlada Boleslav. While studying Faculty of Science at Charles University she was working on several subsidized projects. After 6 years in Prague she moved back to Mlada Boleslav and started working for DEVINN, which is a dream job for Jana in the fields of recruitment and subsidy acquisitions. She spends her free time with her dog Tedy, attending yoga and badminton sessions. She enjoys cooking and going to the theater.


HR Recruitment Manager

He studied psychosocial studies at Charles University in Prague. After finishing school he worked in the social law industry and spent a couple of years in Argentina. After he came back he started working in HR, which he fell in love with. His experience included working for a human resources agency, in which he put people into technical positions within manufacturing companies. He takes care of recruiting new team members for DEVINN. In his free time he plays badminton and tennis. He also enjoys hiking in the mountains.


Development Engineer

Martin is from Lomnice n. Popelkou. He studied Diagnostics at a vocational college in Rychnov. However he always wanted to become involved in automotive development. He applied for the DEVINN Academy. He completed courses in technology and soft skills and he was also trained in designing in CATIA. His responsibility is to lead innovative pre-develepment projects for Skoda Auto. After work he enjoys driving his motorbike or an old moped. At the weekends he repairs cars for fun.


Lighting System Specialist

Ondra was born in Nachod. He studied Robotics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. When studying he took part in Student projects “Formula”. This experience brought him into development in automotive industry. He was offered a job in DEVINN, which he gladly accepted. He enjoys electronics, programming and other creative activities he can apply in his working projects. In his free time Ondra likes music, scouting, taking pictures and travelling.